Applied Economics Workshop

Past Seminars

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Masao Ogaki (Keio University)
"Introducing virtue ethics into normative economics for models with endogenous preferences" joint with Vipul Bhatt
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Chair: Yoko Ibuka
Presentation in English
Shintaro Yamaguchi (The University of Tokyo)
"Month-of-Birth Effects on Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills: Evidence and Mechanisms" joint with Hirotake Ito and Makiko Nakamuro
Chair: Masao Ogaki
Ishii, Futoshi (Keio University)
"The Official Population Projections in Japan and Their Mortality Projection Models"
Chair: Ayumi Onuma
Shinsuke Tanaka (Tufts University)
"Title: North-South Displacement Effects of Environmental Regulation:
The Case of Battery Recycling" joint with Kensuke Teshima and Eric Verhoogen
Chair: Ryo Nakajima
Presentation in English
Kazuto Sumita (Toyo University)
"Bequest Motives, Inheritance Tax, and Housing Choice: A Problem of Inefficient Empty Nests" joint with Miki Seko and Jiro Yoshida

abstract and paper
Chair: Yukako Ono
Oikawa Masato (Waseda University)
"Effects of The Health Checkup on Health Outcomes and Behaviors: Heterogeneous Effects Depending on Education"
Chair: Yoko Ibuka
Masao Ogaki (Keio University)
"How to protect the quality of childcare when a university or a hospital uses a consignment contract :
A Study of the Public, Market, and Community Mechanisms "
joint with Fumio Ohtake, Tokushi Okura,Naoko Okuyama,Shusaku Sasaki and Nobuaki Yamamoto
Chair: Hideo Akabayashi
Presentation in English
Yutaro Sakai (The University of Tokyo)
”Running to Stand Still: Common Property Induced Inertia in the Spatial Commons”
Chair: Yoko Ibuka
Michio Yuda (Tohoku University)
”Unexpected supply shock on cigarette industry and smoking behaviors”
Chair: Yoko Ibuka
Shigeharu Okajima (Osaka University of Economics)
"Monetary and Moral Incentives of Behavioral Interventions: Field Experimental Evidence from Energy Conservation?"
Chair: Ryo Nakajima