Applied Economics Workshop

Past Seminars

Yu Sasaki (Waseda Institute for Advanced Study )
"Royal Consultants: Personnel Modernization and Statebuilding in Pre-modern Europe"
Chair: Ryo Nakajima
Eric Weese (The University of Tokyo)
"Creative Destruction in the European State System: 1000-1850" joint with David Schönholzer
Chair: Kimiko Terai
Presentation in English
Makiko Nakamuro (Keio University)
"Does computer-aided instruction improve children’s cognitive and non-cognitive skills?: Evidence from Cambodia" joint with Hirotake Ito, Keiko Kasai and Hiromu Nishiuchi
Chair: Ryo Nakajima
Haruaki Hirota (Musashi University)
"Under control vs self-reconstruction after fiscal bankruptcy on municipalities" joint with Hideo Yunoue
Chair: Kimiko Terai
Presentation in Japanese
Yuzuru Kumon (University of California)
"The Deep Roots of Inequality"
Chair: Ryo Nakajima
Kyota Eguchi (Chuo University)
"Electoral Reform and Individual-oriented Campaign: An Evidence on Candidates’ Name Promotion in Tokyo"
Chair: Hideo Akabayashi
Stephan Litschig (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)
"Measuring corruption when punishments are asymmetric in practice" joint with Aamer Shahid
Chair: Yoko Ibuka
Presentation in English
Kentaro Fukumoto ( Gakushuin University)
"Non-Ignorable Attrition in Pairwise Randomized Experiments"
Joint with Applied Economics Workshop and Econometrics Workshop 
Chair: Kimiko Terai
Naomi Kodama (Nihon University )
"The Consequences of Short-Time Compensation: Evidence from Japan" joint with Takao Kato
Chair: Mizuki Kawabata
Hatsuru Morita (Tohoku University)
Chair: Yoko Ibuka