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Introduction to attached center

Panel Data Research Center

The Panel Data Research Center at Keio University (PDRC) is a research and education institution established for the purpose of playing a leading role in the panel data research in Japan. The PDRC aims to contribute to building the foundation of a democratic society by

  • (1) Designing the questionnaires to construct panel data for researchers in the fields of each social science subjects, including economics,
  • (2) Conducting longitudinal surveys of awareness and behavior of households/firms over a long period of time under cooperation of the survey respondents,
  • (3) Analyzing the collected data and making them available for domestic and overseas researchers while maintaining confidentiality of personal information, and
  • (4) Enabling high-quality policy discussions supported by reliable data.

Research Center for Financial Gerontology

The Research Center for Financial Gerontology focuses on investigating how long life and ageing affects the social economy. Specifically, we aim to:

  • (1) Provide an economic analysis of the effects of longevity and ageing on the economic system;
  • (2) Facilitate interdisciplinary investigation with other relevant areas of research and advance international research partnerships; and
  • (3) Develop and propose solutions to the social and economic problems caused by longevity and ageing.

Center for International Economics

The Center for International Economics resolves issues arising from economic globalization, with an aim to contributing to the building of a society in which all citizens enjoy access to the increased benefits of globalization. In an era of globalization, it is necessary to design and implement economic policies for the purpose of responding to and backing up rapid changes occurring in the economy and society due to the increasing number of international transactions. The Center will place International Economics at the core and work as a creative forum, with the goal of contributing economic policies designed to function in this world of rapid change. Strong emphasis is put upon working together with those of closely related Applied Economics fields, and promoting international collaborative research with foreign institutions.

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