About IES


The Institute for Economic Studies (IES) was established in April 2013 to support and accelerate cutting-edge economic research activities across the whole Keio campus. For this purpose, the IES acts as a gateway for economic research at Keio University by disseminating economic research results, collecting and sharing useful information and resources for researchers, facilitating active interactions between researchers within Keio, promoting joint research with both domestic and foreign institutions outside Keio, and raising outside funding for economic research.

Major functions of the Institute

  • 1 Disseminating results from economic research activities in Keio campus, including the publication of discussion papers.
  • 2 Facilitating joint research and researcher exchanges with both foreign and domestic economic research institutions.
  • 3 Assisting with research seminars, lectures, conferences, symposiums, and mini-courses on economic research.
  • 4 Raising outside funding for economic research and accepting economic research consulting.
  • 5 Assisting the expansion of the economic research network at Keio (only for Keio researchers).
  • 6 Collecting and promoting the shared usage of economic data for research (only for Keio researchers).
  • 7 Collecting and providing any information useful for economic research at Keio (only for Keio researchers).

A Brief History

1 October, 2012
The preparatory committee for the Institute for Economic Studies(IES) was launched in the Faculty of Economics
1 April, 2013
The Institute for Economic Studies was established (Director: Professor Naoyuki Yoshino)
27 December, 2013
Released the IES website
1 April, 2014
Professor Eiji Hosoda was assigned as a director
7 December, 2014
Conducted the first Yukichi Fukuzawa Memorial Lecture in Economics
1 April, 2015
Set up the IES Workshops
1 October, 2015
IES Institutional Review Board was launched
1 July, 2016
Research Center for Financial Gerontology was established
1 April, 2017
Panel Data Research Center was attached to IES
15 June, 2017
Center for International Economics was established
20 July, 2017
Center for Research on Equality of Opportunity for Children was established
24 July, 2017
Centre for Finance, Technology and Economics at Keio (FinTEK) was established
1 April, 2018
Center for Fiscal and Monetary Policy was established
1 March, 2019
Center for Social Innovation in Market Design was established
1 April, 2019
Professor Noriko Tsuya was assigned as a director
1 August, 2019
Community Mechanism Research Center was established
1 October, 2019
Center for Research on Inbound Tourism was established
1 April, 2020
Professor Teruo Nakatsuma was assigned as a director
1 October, 2021
Center for Research on Inbound Tourism renamed as Center for Research on International Business Creation
1 April, 2022
Professor Takahiro Hoshino was assigned as a director