Applied Economics Workshop

Past Seminars

Hitoshi Shigeoka (The University of Tokyo)
“CEO Gender and Firm-to-Firm Transactions” joint with Yutaro Izumi and Masayuki Yagasaki
Chair: Yoshifumi Konishi
Presentation in English
Tsogsag Nyamdavaa (Hitotsubashi University)
"Does Consumer Monitoring Reduce Corporate Tax Evasion Along the Supply Chain? Evidence from Mongolia"
Chair: Kozo Kiyota
Presentation in English
Tatyana Avilova (Columbia University / The University of Tokyo)
"Patient Cost Sharing and Prescription Drug Trends: Evidence from Japan"
Chair: Yoko Ibuka
Presentation in English
Emiko Usu (Hitotsubashi University)
"Effects of Mandatory Residencies on Female Physicians’ Specialty Choices: Evidence from Japan’s New Medical Residency Program" joint with
Tsunao Okumura and Yuko Ueno
Chair: Mizuki Kawabata
Presentation in English
Munechika Katayama (Waseda University)
“Nightless City: Impacts of Policymakers’ Questions on Overtime Work of Government Officials”
joint with Natsuki Arai, Masashige Hamano, Yuki Murakami and Katsunori Yamada
Chair: Ryo Nakajima
Presentation in English
Kuk Mo Jung (Sogang University)
"Long-Run Economic Impacts of Climate Volatility" joint with Sungwon Lee
Joint with Applied Economics Workshop and Macroeconomics Workshop 
Chair: Akira Sasahara
Presentation in English
Kubo Takahiro (National Institute for Environmental Studies)
"Banning wildlife trade can boost demand for unregulated threatened species" joint with
Taro Mieno, Shinya URYU, Saeko Terada and Diogo Veríssimo
Chair: Yoshifumi Konishi
Presentation in English
Parantap Basu (Durham University)
"Sustainable Growth with Renewable Resources" joint with Tooraj Jamasb
Joint with Applied Economics Workshop and Macroeconomics Workshop 
Chair: Kenji Wada
Presentation in English
James Raymo (Princeton University)
"Mothers’ Employment Trajectories, Divorce, and Economic Well-being"
Chair: Hideo Akabayashi and Futoshi Ishii
Presentation in English
Patrick DeJarnette (Waseda University)
"Asymmetric Failure of Bayesian Updating and the Echo Chamber Effect: An Experimental Study"
joint with Chun-Hou Cheng and Joseph Tao-yi Wang
Chair: Masao Ogaki
Presentation in English