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The Institute for Economic Studies issues the Keio-IES Discussion Paper Series to promptly disseminate the latest research results by fellows at Keio University and related institutions. English papers in the Keio-IES Discussion Paper Series are registered in RePEc, a worldwide database of discussion papers.



List of Discussion Papers

Is Ride-sharing Good for Environment?
No: DP2024-014
Author: Yoshifumi Konishi, Akari Ono
Language: English
A Tale of Two Countries: Global Value Chains, the China Trade Shock, and Labor Markets
No: DP2024-012
Author: Jaerim Choi, Masahiro Endoh, Akira Sasahara
Language: English
The Rate of Return to Early Childhood Education in Japan: Estimates from the Nationwide Expansion
No: DP2024-011
Author: Hideo Akabayashi, Ryuichi Tanaka
Language: English
2024/4/11 (first edition:2023/3/15)
School ICT resources, teachers, and online education: Evidence from school closures in Japan during the COVID-19 pandemic
No: DP2024-010
Author: Hideo Akabayashi, Shimpei Taguchi, Mirka Zvedelikova
Language: English
Biased Beliefs of Consumers and Two-Part Tariff Competition
No: DP2024-009
Author: Koji Ishibashi
Language: English
Do Toilets Save Young Children’s Lives? Evidence from Cambodia
No: DP2024-007
Author: Hiroyuki Yamada, Tien Manh Vu
Language: English
Income Receipt, Economic Activities, and Health: Evidence from Ambulance Transport Patterns
No: DP2024-006
Author: Yoko Ibuka, Junya Hamaaki
Language: English
Export Dynamics and Invoicing Currency
No: DP2024-005
Author: Kazunobu Hayakawa, Nuttawut LAKSANAPANYAKUL, Toshiyuki Matsuura, Taiyo Yoshimi
Language: English