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The Institute for Economic Studies issues the Keio-IES Discussion Paper Series to promptly disseminate the latest research results by fellows at Keio University and related institutions. English papers in the Keio-IES Discussion Paper Series are registered in RePEc, a worldwide database of discussion papers.

List of Discussion Papers

Examining Patent Examiners: Present Bias, Procrastination and Task Performance
No: DP2020-015
Author: Ryo Nakajima、Michitaka Sasaki、Ryuichi Tamua
Language: English
Networked FDI and third-country intra-firm trade
No: DP2020-014
Author: Toshihiro Okubo、Yuta Watabe
Language: English
Risk attitude, risky behavior, and price determination in the sex market: A case study of Yangon, Myanmar
No: DP2020-013
Author: Hiroyuki Yamada、Yuki Kanayama、Kanako Yoshikawa、Kyaw Wai Aung
Language: English
Persistent legacy of the 1075–1919 Vietnamese imperial examinations in contemporary quantity and quality of education
No: DP2020-012
Author: Tien Manh Vu、Hiroyuki Yamada
Language: English
Ecological feature benefiting sustainable harvesters in socio-ecological systems: A case study of swiftlets in Malaysia
No: DP2020-011
Author: Mayuko Nakamaru、Ayumi Onuma
Language: English
Individual Preferences on Trade Liberalization: Evidence from a Japanese Household Survey
No: DP2020-010
Author: Gabriel Felbermayr、Toshihiro Okubo
Language: English
Impacts of enterprise zones on local households in Vietnam
No: DP2020-009
Author: Tien Manh Vu、Hiroyuki Yamada
Language: English
Japan's Outward FDI Potential
No: DP2020-007
Author: Theresa Greaney、Kozo Kiyota
Language: English
Natural Disasters and Industrial Production Efficiency: Evidence from Prewar Japan
No: DP2020-006
Author: Preeya Mohan、Toshihiro Okubo、Eric Strobl
Language: English