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The Institute for Economic Studies issues the Keio-IES Discussion Paper Series to promptly disseminate the latest research results by fellows at Keio University and related institutions. English papers in the Keio-IES Discussion Paper Series are registered in RePEc, a worldwide database of discussion papers.

List of Discussion Papers

Quota Adjustment Process
No: DP2022-016
Author: Taro Kumano, Morimitsu Kurino
Language: English
Self-Regulatory Resources and Institutional Formation: A First Experimental Test
No: DP2022-014
Author: Kenju Kamei
Language: English
Was Inflation Observed under the First Wave of the COVID-19 Spread in Japan? Scanner Data Evidence for Retailers in Tokyo
No: DP2022-013
Author: Masahiro Higo,Shigenori Shiratsuka
Language: English
(Japanese) 負の供給ショックと雇用流動性
No: DP2022-012
Author: Kimiko Terai
Language: Japanese
(Japanese) Spatially Uneven Pace of Deindustrialization Within a Country
No: DP2022-011
Author: Kozo Kiyota
Language: English
Political Conflict and Angry Consumers: Evaluating the Regional Impacts of a Consumer Boycott on Travel Services Trade
No: DP2022-010
Author: JaeBin Ahn, Theresa M. Greaney, Kozo Kiyota
Language: English
Inter-attribute equity in assignment problems: Leveling the playing field by priority design
No: DP2022-009
Author: Morimitsu Kurino、Tetsutaro Hatakeyama
Language: English
The Empirics of the China Trade Shock: A Summary of Estimation Methods and A Literature Review
No: DP2022-008
Author: Akira Sasahara
Language: English
A Game Theory-based Verification of Social Norms: An Example from Accounting Rules
No: DP2022‐007
Author: Eiko Arata、Takuhei Shimogawa、Takehiro Inohara
Language: English