Applied Economics Workshop

Date and Time:
Every Friday 16:30-18:00
Main Coordinators:
Spring Semester : Michio Naoi, Masahiro Endoh, Kozo Kiyota, Ryo Nakajima
Autumn Semester:Yoshifumi Konishi, Yoko Ibuka, Masahiro Endoh, Kozo Kiyota
Hideo Akabayashi, Mizuki Kawabata, Kenju Kamei,
Akira Sasahara, Shigenori Shiratsuka, Kimiko Terai,
Hiroyuki Yamada,
Ayumi Onuma (Autumn Semester)
Online attendance for this workshop is available upon approval. If you wish to participate online, please contact the coordinator by e-mail or other means.

* Please be sure to check this website before coming to the venue on the day of the seminar, as the seminar may be cancelled at the last minute due to unavoidable circumstances, or we may inform you about the restrictions on participants.

Upcoming Seminars

*Note the change
Haruka Takayama (The State University of New York at Albany)
"Organizing Production Across Borders in a Time of Uncertainty" joint with Laura Alfaro and Anusha Chari
Chair: Akira Sasahara
Presentation in English