The Short-Term Impact of Crime on School Enrollment and School Choice: Evidence from El Salvador

Author: Juan Nelson Martínez Dahbura
Date: 2016/5/16
No: DP2016-012
JEL Classification codes: D13, I24, I25
Language: English
[ Abstract / Highlights ]

This research employs household survey data from El Salvador to evaluate the short-term impact of several measures of crime and a truce between gangs during 2012 on school enrollment and the choice between public and private education for individuals 7 to 22 years old in 2013. The results show that homicides, thefts, robberies and extortions are significantly associated with lower school enrollment and higher attendance to public schools among boys in several age brackets. A robust positive impact of homicide rates and school enrollment for girls under 15 years old, and a positive association between property crimes and the choice of private schools for older girls is observed, possibly reflecting selective investment choices of parents.