Intergenerational Income Mobility: An Analysis based on JHPS Second Generation Supplement

Author: Hideo Akabayashi、Michio Naoi
Date: 2021/3/31
No: DP2021-007
JEL Classification codes: D12, D31, J62
Language: Japanese
[ Abstract / Highlights ]

We estimate the intergenerational elasticity of income using the JHPS Second Generation Supplement. The estimates of intergenerational elasticity of income ranged from 0.26 to 0.29. The intergenerational elasticity of income is greater for men than for women. Controlling the educational background of the offspring reduces the elasticity of the male sample, but has no clear effect for the female sample. The cohabitation with parents and the proximity of parents and children work to increase the intergenerational elasticity of income. The intergenerational elasticity is greater for the sample whose parents used to live in large cities.