Preferences for nuclear power in post-Fukushima Japan: Evidence from a large nationwide household survey

Author: Toshihiro Okubo、Daiju Narita、Katrin Rehdanz、Carsten Schroeder
Date: 2020/1/13
No: DP2020-003
JEL Classification codes: Q40
Language: English
[ Abstract ]

Utilizing data of a large nationwide household survey, we investigate determinants of public preferences on nuclear power in Japan after the Fukushima nuclear accident. The comprehensive household survey data we use allow us to examine the roles of 1) household/individual socioeconomic characteristics, 2) psychological status, 3) geographical aspects, and 4) Fukushima accident-related experiences. We find that male, elderly, unmarried, less educated, high-income people, and government party supporters prefer nuclear power, except if they live near nuclear power plants. The experience of blackout and aversion to nuclear power during the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 reinforce people’s negative feelings toward nuclear power nowadays.