Comprehensive Research on Multidimensional Poverty Indicators based on Income, Expenditure, Assets Distribution and Subjective Data Five-years project: 2014–2018 Projects

Research Objectives

The purpose of our research is to measure multidimensional poverty indicators using information on income, expenditure, assets and subjective data. We identify the relationships between poverty risks and individual characteristics such as age, working status and family type. Using these multidimensional poverty indicators, we also conduct micro-simulation analysis to estimate how a new social protection scheme would work for poverty reduction as well as the costs involved in order to achieve it. We show evidence for a new anti-poverty policy using the results of the study.

Funding Organization

Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science


[Keio Researchers]

[Collaborating Researchers ]

  • Masato ShikataKwansei Gakuin University
  • Soichiro TanakaKanto Gakuin University
  • Kuriko WatanabeNational Institute of Population and Social Security Research