Impacts of improved rural roads on the well-being of Cambodian villagers

著者: TIEN MANH VU、山田浩之
発行日: 2024年6月18日
No: DP2024-016
JELコード: O15, R11, R58, R42
言語: 英語

We examine impacts of improved rural roads on villagers, using panel data of Cambodian villages (2006-2021). We find an association between the wealth of villagers and the improvement of rural roads. A higher minimum price for rice at farm gate may be one of the reasons for the increase in wealth. We also find impacts of improved rural roads on (reducing) illiteracy rates among villagers. However, we do not find any statistically significant impacts on school enrollment rate, structural change, or internal migration. Instead, improved rural roads lead to a higher share of families being subjected to environmental pollution.