Risk attitude, risky behavior, and price determination in the sex market: A case study of Yangon, Myanmar

著者: 山田浩之、金山雄樹、吉川香菜子、Kyaw Wai Aung
発行日: 2020年7月21日
No: DP2020-013
JELコード: D81, E26, J46, O53
言語: 英語

Commercial sex is a prevalent but risky profession in many countries, including Myanmar. While risk attitude is a potentially important factor in determining risky behavior of female sex workers (FSWs), few studies have explicitly investigated the issue. This is one of the first studies to elicit the risk attitude of FSWs using a simple risk game. We conducted the risk game with FSWs in Yangon, Myanmar, where the average GDP per capita is very low, to study how risk attitude is related with observable characteristics and with risky behavior related to the use of condoms in the commercial sex market. We found that risk attitude is relatively independent of observable characteristics and the decision to use a condom. However, transaction prices were directly associated with risk attitude.