Financial Literacy of Middle and Older Generations: Comparison of Japan and the United States

著者: 清水谷 諭、山田 浩之
発行日: 2018年9月20日
No: DP2018-016
JELコード: D14, G11, J26
言語: 英語

Financial literacy holds growing interest for managing assets/savings during the longer retirement period currently experienced in rapidly aging countries. We examine and compare levels and determinants of financial literacy as well as its association to asset allocation among middle and older generations of Japan and the United States. We present some interesting findings. First, financial literacy is generally associated with educational attainment, cognitive skills, coursework in economics or finance, and income level. Second, financial literacy is associated with resultant asset allocation; individuals with higher literacy are more likely to invest in stocks or securities separate from their savings. These patterns are commonly observed in Japan and the United States.