Modern Tools for Computational Economics by Prof John Stachurski (IES Macro Workshop)



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On October 4, Tuesday, Professor John Stachurski of Australian National University will give special lectures on computational economics, hosted by Institute for Economic Studies at Keio University (IES).

To register for the workshop, please follow the link below and submit the registration form.

The registration will be closed on September 27.

These lectures will provide a quick introduction to computational economics using modern tools such as Python and Julia. The lectures will assume no experience with either of these languages. During the lectures we will cover introductory material from the website

Date and Time: Tuesday, October 4, 2016, 14:45 to 18:00

(break 16:15-16:30)

Venue: G-SEC lab, the 6th floor, East Research Building,

Mita Campus Campus map

Lecturer: Prof John Stachurski


Please bring a laptop so that you can follow the coding during the lecture. If possible, you should install Python, Julia and the main scientific libraries before the lecture. For Python, please install the Anaconda Python distribution from here:

(Please select the latest version (Python 3.5) for your operating system and follow the installation instructions. Note that the binary is large: around 350MB.)

For Julia, please follow the instructions to install the latest release from here:

It's highly recommend that you install both.

Since there is no enough outlet at the venue, it is recommended that attendants fully charge a laptop and bring a portable charger if you have one.

Please contact Sagiri Kitao (sagiri.kitao [at] or Ippei Fujiwara (ippei.fujiwara [at] for questions.

For your information, there will be separate lecture series (in Japanese) hosted by Institute for Economic Studies at Keio University (IES) on programming with Python.

Please follow the link below for more information.



東館6階G-sec Lab


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