List of Discussion Papers

Persistent Divides in Beliefs, Conflict, and Innovation
No: DP2021-004
Author: Alexander Mihailov、Masao Ogaki
Language: English
The China Syndrome: A Cross-Country Evidence
No: DP2021-003
Author: Mina Taniguchi、Kozo Kiyota、Sawako Maruyama
Language: English
The causal effects of long-term PM2.5 exposure on COVID-19 in India
No: DP2021-002
Author: Takahiro Yamada、Hiroyuki Yamada、Muthukumara Mani
Language: English
Biodiversity Conservation under ICDPs in a Bioeconomic Model: Nonprofit vs For-Profit National Parks
No: DP2021-001
Author: Zijin Xie、Ayumi Onuma
Language: English
Job rotation or specialization? A dynamic matching model analysis
No: DP2020-026
Author: Morimitsu Kurino、Yoshinori Kurokawa
Language: English
Determinants and impacts on income and anxiety of working from home during the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan
No: DP2020-025
Author: Kayoko Ishii、Mao Nakayama、Isamu Yamamoto
Language: Japanese
Improved Access to Safe Water: Effects on Adult Health and Time Reallocation in Rural Zambia
No: DP2020-024
Author: Yasuharu Shimamura、Satoshi Shimizutani、Shimpei Taguchi、Hiroyuki Yamada
Language: English
The Role of Nonlinearity in Indeterminate Models: An Application to Expectations-Driven Liquidity Traps
No: DP2020-023
Author: Yoichiro Tamanyu
Language: English
The Impact of Improved Access to Safe Water on Childhood Health, Schooling and Time Allocation in Rural Zambia
No: DP2020-022
Author: Yasuharu Shimamura、Satoshi Shimizutani、Shimpei Taguchi、Hiroyuki Yamada
Language: English
Nudging Preventive Behaviors in COVID-19 Crisis: A Large Scale RCT using Smartphone Advertising
No: DP2020-021
Author: Daisuke Moriwaki、Soichiro Harada、Jiyan Schneider、Takahiro Hoshino
Language: English