Local Asymptotic Normality of Infinite-Dimensional Concave Extended Linear Models

Author: Kosaku Takanashi
Date: 2017/4/10
No: DP2017-012
JEL Classification codes: C14, C12
Language: English
[ Abstract / Highlights ]

We study local asymptotic normality of M-estimates of convex minimization in an infinite dimensional parameter space. The objective function of M-estimates is not necessary differentiable and is possibly subject to convex constraints. In the above circumstance, narrow convergence with respect to uniform convergence fails to hold, because of the strength of it's topology. A new approach we propose to the lack-of-uniform-convergence is based on Mosco-convergence that is weaker topology than uniform convergence. By applying narrow convergence with respect to Mosco topology, we develop an infinite-dimensional version of the convexity argument and provide a proof of a local asymptotic normality. Our new technique also provides a proof of an asymptotic distribution of the likelihood ratio test statistic defined on real separable Hilbert spaces.