Identifying Socioeconomic Determinants of Child Maltreatment in the United States

Author: Leona Maruyama
Date: 2023/2/12
No: DP2023-003
JEL Classification codes: I32; J13; K4
Language: English
[ Abstract / Highlights ]
Recent empirical studies have investigated the effects of specific socioeconomic determinants on child maltreatment outcomes both inside and outside the United States, but these studies fail to consider either circumstances on a greater scale or current data that is applicable to the existing state of affairs. The present study introduces a multiple linear regression model based on recent state-level data which estimates a wide range of socioeconomic predictors that may significantly influence child maltreatment rates in the United States. Some of the findings include that overall poverty rate and the presence of a foster child or other unrelated child aggravates child maltreatment rates at the national level. Meanwhile, unemployment rate, higher education attainment, and children in single-parent households are found to be unrelated with child maltreatment outcomes. Results from the present study offer knowledge that is pertinent to evidence-based recommendations for existing welfare and intervention programs, for the purpose of reducing child maltreatment incidence rates nationwide.