Does University Information Increase Enrollment Interests to University? - Evidence from a Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial in Japan -

Author: Ryosuke Moriyasu
Date: 2021/4/21
No: DP2021-008
JEL Classification codes: I21, I24, J24
Language: Japanese
[ Abstract / Highlights ]

This paper considers the role of information for university enrollment. We examine whether information on university enrollment positively influences the desire to advance on to higher education among Japanese high school students. The analysis is based on a cluster-randomized controlled trial. It is considered that this paper conducts the first verification in Japan using a randomized controlled trial targeting schools from an economic perspective. We randomly assigned 1st-year students of a certain Japanese local high school into three groups. The first treatment group was provided with information on the Returns to higher education, the second treatment group was provided with the Costs to higher education, and the remaining one is the control group that was provided with information unrelated to education. As a result, due to the small sample size, the providing information did not have a significant effect on the desire to advance on to university. However, it was found that their willingness to study increases. This suggests that human capital investment behavior should be promoted.