Mini-conference on issues in the early childhood education research(2018/8/1)



Time:11:00-17:00(Registration opens 10:40)

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G-Lab, 6F, East Building, Mita Campus, Keio University


Host:Center for Research on Equality of Opportunity for Children(CREOC), Keio University

Co-Host:Institute for Economic Studies(IES), Keio University

Co-Host:Panel Data Research Center(PDRC), Keio University




Event Reports

Professor W. Steven Barnett

Chair: Professor Hideo Akabayashi

At the mini-conference for researchers, Professor Burnett continued to present various U.S. research outcomes conducted from multi-analysis, such as cost benefit analysis of Perry's pre-school education program, a state-by-state analysis of public preschools, as well as research suggestions for the future.
Furthermore, Associate Professor Keiko Fujisawa at Keio University, Professor Ogaki Masao at Keio University, Ms. Rie Masuda at University of Tokyo, Associate Professor Shintaro Yamaguchi at University of Tokyo, Deputy Director Yoshihiko Kato, at the National Center for Child Health and Development introduced the quality of preschool education, child rearing, child welfare etc., mainly in Japan. The active discussions took place among the researchers and 40 participants throughout the conference.