IES "Special Workshop"(Speaker:Christopher Flinn)




First School Building , #107 (1st fl.)


Date and Time: Friday, 13 April 2018, 14:45-16:15

Speaker:Christopher Flinn (New York University)

Title: "Actors in the Child Development Process"

Chair: Hideo Akabayashi


Sponsored by Panel Data Research Center and Center for Research on Equality of Opportunity for Children Joint with Microeconomics Workshop and Applied Economics Workshop

Event Reports

The first seminar of Special Workshop series on 2018 academic year was held inviting Professor Christopher Flinn of New York University, who is one of the top researchers in the fields of labor economics and household economics.
The seminar was about a structural model of child development where the parents and the child strategically interact each other to make investmentsin the child's cognitive ability. The presentation was followed by manycomments from the floor.