[2024/2/22] Panel Data Research Center Research Seminar



■Date: Thursday, 22nd February 2024 10:00-11:30
■Place: A Conference Room, Mita Faculty Research Building 1F,
     Mita Campus, Keio University

■Title: The Economic Burden of Dementia in India
■Speaker: Jinkook Lee (University of Southern California)
■Abstract: The prevalence of dementia around the world is set to more than double by 2050, with much of the increase in cases taking place in low- and middle-income countries. Identifying the costs incurred by individuals living with dementia and their families is crucial for an effective allocation of public health and social care resources. In high-income countries, these costs have been estimated using nationally representative data. Obtaining comparable estimates for LMICs has been challenging because of data limitations. This paper provides the first estimate of the economic cost borne by Indian individuals living with dementia and their families based on a nationally- and state-wise representative dataset.


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