The 1st Workshop on "Adjustment to Globalization"(2020年1月31日)

The 1st Workshop on "Adjustment to Globalization"(科研費基盤研究(A)研究会、研究代表者:清田耕造)が、2020年1月31日に、慶應義塾大学三田キャンパスで開催されます。





The 1st Workshop on "Adjustment to Globalization"


Date: 12:50-17:40, Friday, 1/31/2020
Venue: Meeting Room, Keio Economic Observatory, Keio University


12:50-13:00 Check-in & Opening Remarks
Kozo Kiyota, Keio University


Chair: Flora Bellone, UCA and Keio University


13:00-13:50 Presenter Kozo Kiyota, Keio University
Title: Spatially Uneven Deindustrialization within a Country


13:50-14:40 Presenter Toshiyuki Matsuura, Keio University
Title: Foreign Direct Investment and Labor Market Dynamics in a Developing Country: Evidence from Indonesian Plant-Level Data (joint with Hisamitsu Saito)


14:40-14:50 Break


14:50-15:40 Presenter Kentaro Nakajima, Hitotsubashi University
Title: Estimating the Impact of Building Height Restrictions on Land Price (joint with Keisuke Takano)


15:40-16:30 Presenter Yasuhiro Takarada, Nanzan University
Title: Trade Liberalization, Non-traded Sectors, and Industrial Productivity (joint with Masafumi Tsubuku)


16:30-16:40 Break


16:40-17:30 Presenter Yasusada Murata, Nihon University
Title: On Measuring Welfare Changes When Varieties are Endogenous (joint with Kristian Behrens and Yoshitsugu Kanemoto)


17:30-17:40 Closing Remarks
Kozo Kiyota, Keio University


18:00- Dinner


Contact: Toshiyuki Matsuura, Keio University